This E-book may HELP you, it may not. It was written to provide awareness on topics that surround football and those that are involved directly and indirectly in the sport.

Playing football is one thing but something that is not spoken about often enough is the mental health side that comes with playing the sport and how to prepare for a life in football and after football. One in eight men suffer from mental health issues. The lack of information that is available on how to deal with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts is very limited and not so obviously available.

This book is not designed to prevent any of those thoughts and feelings, it’s merely an insight on what to expect throughout your journey, the trials and tribulations of the beautiful game.

A failure to understand the pressures placed on teenagers is leading to suicides, suicide attempts and severe mental health problems, including depression and anxiety.

With less that 0.5% of men that will ever make a living from the game of football and 3-5 Premier League footballers going bankrupt after retirement, more focus needs to be done to help footballers with their finances. 

The best way to prepare for anything in life is to be well informed and prepared, hopefully this book helps shed light on a growing PROBLEM within the football community!

Topics include

Mental Health, Mindset, Enjoying the moment, Opportunity of a life timeGratitude, PerceptionMoney, Accountability, Transferable skills, Life after football and many more.

Look After Your Mental Health.



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