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If you're here, it means you want to  start your own business / be an entrepreneur, right? That's what the title implied. 

In this E-book you will find the Ultimate Guide to starting your own business.

What value will this E-Book provide:

- Understand the key fundamentals of starting your own business, the skills required to succeed, finding your why, setting up process. What you need to know before you commit financially.  

- Finance, start up cost , where to find funding. Cashflow and future business projections. How to calculate margins, Knowing your break even and profit sales.  why you should know about tax and vat. 

- Suppliers, how to source the right supplier and dealing with them. Buying wholesale and negotiating the right MOQ (minimum order quantities), using your leverage with factories. 

- Marketing, The importance of a great marketing strategy, collecting data and using it affectively when scheduling and planning campaigns. Brand awareness, Customer acquisition and customer retention.  

- Delivery, executuing the final steps, after doing your due-dillgence, strategising now its time for action. Setting up payment gateways and backend site or store systems. 

This guide is a great insight to what it takes to start your own business and become your own boss. 

BUYING THIS £100 E-BOOK could save you thousands in bad decisions your about to make. LEARN FROM MY £30,000 MISTAKE!

This E-book can change your life. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lacking depth

I’ve started a couple of businesses before, so I wanted to read this e-book before I start my next business. I’m always up to new ideas and ways to do things.

I think the book covered the basics fairly well but it could have gone into more depth.

I also don’t think it gave many insights, although this may be hard to do without diving into industries specifically.

What a book!

I can’t believe the level of detail shared in this book! At first I was sceptical to be honest but it covers everything from what type of company you’ll set up, managing cashflow, negotiating with suppliers etc

Highly recommend ✅

Great Book

I’ve been thinking of starting my own business for awhile now and this book give me a great insight to all the things needed to start!

Now I’m ready !

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